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"Developing and Implementing Your Business Plan -
An Opportunity to Change Your Company's Future"

The common denominator in today's business environment is change

Change can be the opportunity to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Are you looking to grow by:
    • Gaining market share;
    • Adding new product lines;
    • Expanding geographically, horizontally or vertically?
  • Is your business failing to meet your growth objectives?
    • To busy putting out fires?
    • Lack a strong sense of direction and purpose?
    • Chasing too many opportunities?
    • Spreading yourself too thin?

One answer to these situations: Develop a business plan.

A business plan is your statement of where you expect to take your business and how you expect to accomplish it.

The business plan should be the focal point for operating your company.



Preparing the business plan will force you to study the key relationships generated by your sales projections.  The development of the models needed to quantify these relationships will help you understand the resources required and the time frames associated with the activities required to achieve your sales goals.

The plan will provide a budget that will serve as a barometer for early identification, investigation and assessment of variations from expected results.  Corrective actions or revisions can be initiated on a timely basis.

The plan will help identify the timing and need for additional resources (personnel, facilities and funds).

Preparing the plan will force you to consider the competitive conditions under which you will operate.

You will have to determine the factors you  believe will be critical to  the success of your business.


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The business plan is your blueprint for future developments, operations and financing.

You must be careful not to underestimate:

  • your resource requirements
  • the capabilities of your competitors
  • your competitors' reactions to your strategic initiatives




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You cannot do anything about the past; you may have very little impact on the present; but you can work toward improving the

Your business plan is your foundation for the future.



We can help you develop a business plan that will provide focus and direction and alternatives to respond to a changing environment.  The business plan can help you assess the feasibility of an  acquisition or new venture, provide a basis for a more detailed operating plan or assist in obtaining additional financing.  The business plan is your blueprint for financing and operations. Please send us an e-mail if you would like to discuss how we can help you develop an effective business plan.


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