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Stage 1

(a)  Define the purpose and goals of the acquisition.
(b)  Define the most important characteristics about the business you are interested in acquiring.
(c)  Make a preliminary list of business sectors to be investigated.

Stage 2

(a)  Determine the nature and extent of  the information to be gathered to conduct a preliminary evaluation of  the sectors identified in 1(c).
(b)  Gather the information and assess the feasibility of  proceeding with a more in-depth analysis.
(c)  Decide on which business sectors to focus on.

Stage 3

(a)  Identify specific businesses to be contacted based on the predetermined search criteria.
(b)  Solicit an indication of interest from these prospective acquisition targets.
(c)  Develop a comparative analysis form / questionnaire.
(d)  Obtain information about the acquisition targets.
(e)  Conduct a preliminary comparative analysis and determine which opportunities warrant further investigation.

Stage 4

(a)  Conduct a preliminary due diligence investigation of those targeted businesses that successfully pass 3(e).
(b)  Determine which potential acquisition targets warrant an in-depth due diligence investigation.

Stage 5

(a)  Conduct an in-depth due diligence investigation of the opportunities identified in 4(b).
(b)  Concurrent with 5(a), begin developing a business plan for the acquisition (be aware of any facts or circumstances that could impact the due diligence investigation.
(c)  Select the acquisition candidate.

Stage 6

(a)  Complete the business plan.
(b)  Develop a pre-acquisition check list.
(c)  Complete all pre-acquisition matters.
(d)  Complete the acquisition.


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