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Beacon Management has developed a proprietary strategic planning program.

Simplified Practical Strategic Planning {SPSP}
"Thought at the heart of action"


  • Create a Vision
    • Identify the vision for the future and instill the passion to make it happen
  • Define the Business
    • By specific products or services and their characteristic
    • By market segments
    • By customer characteristics
  • Understand Key Factors Affecting Your Business
    • Identify key internal and external factors that affect your business
    • Understand the impact of these factors and your ability to change the outcome
  • Create a Sense of Focus and Direction
    • Identify and prioritize opportunities and initiatives
    • Provide a framework for evaluating changing conditions
    • Achieve a consensus
  • Transfer Knowledge
    • The planning process will provide an opportunity for all the participants to achieve a better understanding of the perspectives, priorities and capabilities of participants from different segments and levels of the organization.  It is also an opportunity to gain an understanding into the thought processes and key criteria involved in making critical decisions that affect the organization's performance.

We believe there are a limited number of new initiatives that can be effectively implemented at any given time.  We also believe that growth and change should bring quantifiable positive results, even if the results are qualitative in nature.

The purpose of a strategic planning session is to have an open and spirited exchange of ideas.  However, the workshops must have focus and direction to achieve a successful outcome. The program we have developed provides the opportunity to achieve all of these goals.

Strategic planning is a continuous process.  During the year continuous dialog must be maintained to ensure successful implementation of the initiatives and to assess the impact of emerging trends and issues.

Future strategic planning sessions should be scheduled on a regular basis to keep the strategic plan current.  The length of time involved in updating the strategic plan will vary depending on the number and significance of emerging new issues and trends.

The benefit of this type of model is that it provides a framework for examining and evaluating alternative future options for the organization.  This in turn helps ensure that all initiatives undertaken are consistent with the capabilities of the organization and the strategic objectives of management.

One of the primary goals of this strategic planning process is to help set a course of action for the organization that results in management achieving their objectives.

The logic of this process is to help the organization:

  • Build on its strengths;
  • Understand its constraints;
  • Improve on its weaknesses, where practical;
  • Capitalize on opportunities;
  • Be aware of the trends, risks, threats and inherent limitations facing the organization;
  • Develop initiatives consistent with management's goals and objectives; and,
  • Prioritize the implementation of the new initiatives for maximum effect.


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We can help management develop a strategic plan that provides focus and direction and alternatives to respond to a changing environment.  The strategic plan will provide an assessment of the company's current position.  It will help identify opportunities for improvement and growth.  The strategic plan will provide a framework for identifying, evaluating and prioritizing future initiatives.


Please send us an e-mail if you would like to discuss how our strategic planning program can help your company improve its performance.

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