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Managing in an uncertain economy
Comments From Readers

I sent this article from 1991 to a number of contacts because I believe it serves as a reminder that sound judgment, disciplined decision making, good business practices and common sense are never outdated no matter how challenging the situation or economic conditions.

Here is a sampling of the comments I received back.

Michael J. Donnelly, C.A.

“worth sharing again”

“as current today as it was twenty years ago!”

“provides clear direction for management in an uncertain environment”

“could not agree more”

“Thank you for sharing, Michael. I agree wholeheartedly!”

“I agree!”

“Some things are timeless!”

“I think  managers often think management means they have to "do something" if things are bad in the economy.  Often that "something" is the wrong thing, in that it is very  short-term thinking.  I always like the  principles-based approaches to management that work in both good times  and bad.”

“Same principles, different time.”

“Thank you - it's interesting that the lessons are the same today as twenty years ago!”

“Timeless wisdom for business in crazy times.”

“Amazing how the world needs to go back to the basics regularly.”

“What an interesting article! It is very true, and the situation in which many companies find themselves in today.”

“It seems as though you are clairvoyant, or if the cycles of the economy are predictable, or both.”

“The article is timeless; I just printed it and tacked it onto the wall in front of me.”

“Interesting reading and of course very accurate.”

“That is truly a timeless article.


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